• XJ30-1000L double planetary mixer

XJ30-1000L double planetary mixer

 XJ Series doubleplanetary mixer rack, cover the carrier, the MaleVocalist scraping wall stirring, high-speed dispersion stirring,vacuum system, heating and cooling systems, hydraulic lift systems, drums, etc.

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 XJ Series double planetary mixer rack, cover the carrier, the Male Vocalist scraping wall stirring, high-speed dispersion stirring,vacuum system, heating and cooling systems, hydraulic lift systems, drums, etc., constitute, for highly viscous materials mixedthedesign of a new, efficient mixing equipment.

How it works: the planet carrier rotates to drive inside of two mixing box, a scraping wall axis, a dispersion axis revolves around the barrel axis stir frame shaft scraping the wall at the same speed rotation, dispersed while the axis of revolution high-speed rotation, so that the materials subjected to strong shearing, kneading action to achieve full dispersion and mixing; scratch the siding close Tongbiscratch test, Tongbi no stranded material.
Vacuum means enables the material discharge of the bubble generated in a stirred, water and other volatile matter;

As the device has good mixing, shear, dispersing, especially suitable for solid-solid phase, the solid and liquid phases, dispersing, mixing of the liquid phase, in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, IT and other industries widely used.

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