• Wafer Stick/Egg Roll Production Line

Wafer Stick/Egg Roll Production Line

Use: Hollow/filled egg roll, double color egg roll/water stick

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Productivity : daily capacity 700kg. ~1000kg.
Area covered : 24㎡ Gross weight: 3 ton
Electric Oven : Power consumption 45KW/hr


This direct-fired egg roll making machine is a new type food processing equipment, suitable for manufacturing bi-color or single-color pastry egg roll with or without filling in various specifications. It adopts photoelectric or saw blade cutting to produce egg rolls, and the length can be optionally adjusted. The inner diameter is 7 to 10 mm, and the maximum could be 25mm. It is composed of pulper, center depositor, baking forming machine and cooling conveyor. This machine adopts diesel oil and liquefied gas baking and is not subject to the influence of voltage. Moreover, it is characterized with low noise, high level of automation and free of environmental pollution. The materials of this machine are selected in accord with food hygiene standards.

Main technical parameter:
Productivity: daily capacity 700kg. ~1000kg.
Area covered: 24㎡ Gross weight: 3 ton
Electric Oven: Power consumption 45KW/hr

Diesel oven:
diesel oil comsumption: 4kg /hr . Power consumption :3kw/hr
LPG Gas oven:
Gas consumption: 3.5kg/hr power consumption:3kw/hr
Baking and forming machine dimesnion:(mm):2400*1600*2400
Electric box :(mm):800*450*1400
Filling machine(mm):1100*750*1400