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  • Semi-Automatic aerosol filling machine for animal air freshener

Sanitary ware vacuum coating machine\The bathroom sanitary ware coating machine

 Hard chorme vacuum coating machine is  acrylic, PC, PET, plastic ,metal surface to plat high-quality, multi-function metal film, electromagnetic shielding film, the reaction film composite film, transparent conductive film, antireflection (AR), reflectance-increasing film,  mainly used in flat glass,  LOW-E ,etc.

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 Hard chrome PVD coating machine/Hard chrome PVD metallizing machine 
 Hard chorme vacuum coating machine is  acrylic, PC, PET, plastic ,metal surface to plat high-quality, multi-function metal film, electromagnetic shielding film, the reaction film composite film, transparent conductive film, antireflection (AR), reflectance-increasing film,  mainly used in flat glass,  LOW-E ,etc. Our Company can make design according to your requirements, provide complete equipment, answer for the process, hand in the "key" in time.

1.The equipment uses the vacuum magnetron sputtering technique, twin cathode, MF sputtering technique, and matching with advanced control systems. 
2.The production process all automated, continuous. The highest temperature of the plating workpiece is up to 350 centi-degree, the temperature is zone control and adjustable.
3.The vacuum chamber materials adopts SUS304, polishing inner vacuum chamber wall, spraying beads external vacuum chamber wall after polishing.  
4.The vacuum chamber separated by an independent gate valve. The board plug valve r we have designed can be cut off effectively, and stabilize the process gas. Presently only our companies in domestic have the technology to design and manufacture board plug valve, and it has better seal effective and more durability than the current flap valve .
5.The transmission adopts the magnetic targeting to promise stability . The speed of the entire production line in each section use the variable frequency adjustable speed motor to drive, the motion speed is adjustable.   
6, Electrical control systems: touch screen and PLC automatic control, man-machine dialogue to achieve the data display, operation and control .
Coating machine applicable to:stainless steel; ceramics;plastics and glass. It is very important equipment in the decoration industry widely used for plating various materials, such as TiN, TiC,ZrN,CrN,Ti, Ni, Cr, Au, and Ag etc.
The production is including:watch chain,golf club,mobile phone shell,auto parts, auto lamp, sanitaryware,coametic bottel body,tap.etc.
Campare with chemical coating, the products coated by our machine has good Surface abrasion resistance and Corrosion Stability. More important it is green environmental protection equipment. There are no waste gass; waste water; waste discharged in process-cycle.
Otherwise, we have eletroplating factory that electroplate watch chain; golf club;golden floor tile; car light; mobile shell. . All the PVD Coating equipment was made by ourselves. After many years research and development, our technology is mature,reliable and stable.
Process Description
1.We use advanced PVD process in a vacuum chamber to deposit thin film hard coatings
2.Substrate parts are inspected upon arrival.
3.Parts are cleaned in a proprietary multi-stage cleaning process to remove soils, oils, fingerprints and produce an oxide free surface.
4.After cleaning, the substrates are mounted onto fixtures for coating.
5.The fixtured parts are loaded into the coating chamber.
6.The air in the chamber is pumped out, leaving a high vacuum environment.
7.Substrate parts are pre-heated to process temperature
8.Substrates are ion-cleaned to remove the final atomic contaminants from the surface.
9.A flow of ionized nitrogen and argon is introduced into the chamber
10.Titanium is flash evaporated and ionized by a vacuum arc. This generates a plasma within the chamber of ionized atomic nitrogen argon and titanium.
11.A voltage is applied to the substrates to accelerate the ions in the plasma cloud to the surface of the parts.
12.The titanium and nitrogen combine on the surface of the subtrate, forming a dense, hard coating of TiN, The combination of ionization, kinetic energy of the accelerated atoms, and thermal energy in the chamber provide enough energy to form the hard TiN film.
13.The coating bonds to the surface of the substrate,and even penetrates the surface sightly, to give an outstanding level of adhesion.
14.The coating cycle lasts half an hour. All process variables are carfully controlled to insure a high quality coating.

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Jinhu Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing aerosol filling equipments, and it is a member unit of China Aerosol Packing Industry. 
It has been engaged in developing aerosol filling for more then ten years, and has accumulated solid technical power, scientific management system, advanced production facilities, perfect inspection means and fine after-sale service, thus, our products are all over the world, and are deeply praised by users. 
Our manufacturer takes producing top-ranking aerosol filler as own responsibility, cooperates with many scientific research institutes and colleges, pays attention to the function of talents, actively brings in lastest production technique from foreign countries and relies on absorbing and digesting to develop further. What's more, we can design and make most novel and most practical equipments for clients to meet the needs of different manufacturers, different products and different users. 


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