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  • Peristaltic pump Dispensing type_BF600C

Peristaltic pump Dispensing type_BF600C

Peristaltic Pump which adopt compact and embedded designs are more suitable for supporting a variety of instruments and equipments. Single and dual channel are optional. It accept 8 kinds of tubing. Flow rates are 0.024-190ml/min. PharMed BPT long-life tubing from French Saint-Gobain is installed in internal part of pump head. Application motors for Minipump are stepper motor, DC motor, AC motor and other modes to drive with wide applications.

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1. LCD screen (3.5 inch), all the parameters show at the same time, easy to operate.

2. Two kinds of work modes: dispensing mode and flow mode.

3. It has three working modes: liquid distribution, time distribution, copy assignment.

4. Accurate one-key filling, which can makes the repeatability precision reach ± 0.3%, which is widely used in the production line for timing and quantitative transmission.

5. Suction angle can be set arbitrarily at the range of 720 deg.

6. The flow can be calibrated when there is deviation due to changing tubing or other factors, which realizes Precision transmission.

7. Wireless remote control.

8. Key tones function.

9. It can be installed kinds of pump heads.

10. Full speed knob for fast filling and emptying.

11. Adjusting speed manually or automatically through External interface.

12. Computer control through RS485 and RS232 communication interface.

13. Memory function: Storing the running parameters automatically. 

14. Equipped with Natong Dispensing Controller for filling function.

15. High performance with low price.

16. BF-C series can be used superimposed, saving space.






Model: BF600C

Speed range: 0.1-600rpm

Speed resolution: 0.1rpm(100rpm);1rpm(100rpm)

Accuracy error: 0.5%

Dispensing time: 0.1-999.9s

Dispensing flow : 1μL-9999L

Dispensing times: 1-9999

Interval time: 0.1-999.9s

Display LCD screen: 3.5 inch

Operate mode: Key + Digital control knob

External control : 0-5V (S.C.)0-10V (O.C.)4-20mA (S.C.)0-10K ( S.C.) Specialized external controls can also be customized according to the user's requirements

Type of external: Start, stop and directionlevel signal 5V (S.C.)level signal 12V (O.C.)level signal 24V (O.C.)Specialized level signal can also be customized according to the user's requirements

Port output: DC12V Power OutputDC5V level signal Output

Communication interface: RS232RS485 (Start and stop, Direction change, speed)

Power supply: AC220V±10%50Hz/60Hz ( S.C.)AC110V±10%50Hz/60Hz (O.C.)AC380V±10%