• PGJ30 Chocolate Polishing Machine

PGJ30 Chocolate Polishing Machine

It is suitable for production of different chocolates in shape such as circular,flat,oval and cylindrical etc;the chocolates through polishing are excellent in lustre,colour and shape.After various cylindrical chocolates packed by coloured aluminium foil paper go through the pot,packing paper will be made tight,plain and clear-cut in geometry.

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Weight of receiving the material : 45~90kg/times
Dip angle : 30°(nonstagecontrol)
Specification : 1000mm(max dia of external cirularity)
Rotation speed : 30~32r.p.m
Power of the main motor : 1.5kw
Weight : 300kg
Outside dimension : 1000×1000×1600mm



chocolate polishing machine
1 high quality and high efficiency
2 convenient and easy to operate

chocolate polishing machine


This machine can be used to polish various of kinds chocolate,such as roundness,oblateness,oval,melon seeds shape and cylinder figure,make them looks good,have a beautiful shape.

technical parameters:

angle of inclination: 30°

weight of material: 45~90kg/times

style: 1000 mm(External circular biggest diameter)

rotate speed: 30~32r/m

main engine power:1.5kw


dimension(mm): 1000×1000×1600(mm)


Company Profile

Suzhou Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery is located at the famous town with beautiful landscapes in the southern part of the Yangtze River.It is a joint-stock cooperation enterprise,having more than 20 years" history of manufacturing chocolate equipments and candy equipments,and its production has formed a whole set as well as been systematic.The whole set of chocolate equipment and candy casting equipment of Gusu Brand has been well sold in many countries at home and abroad and enjoy a good reputation among its industry that be regarded as the specialist of producing chocolate equipment in China.
Suzhou Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery boasts an area of 40,000 square meters and the building area is 10,000 square meters,equipped with mechanical processing equipments of full categories and high pricision.During the past more than 20 years,because it put much emphasis on quality and scrupulously abide by promises,the factory has been awarded the titles of Advanced Collective and Star Industry of Jiangsu province.
Since a long time,Gusu has set "Unity makes the first-class" as enterprise"s sprit,the quality priority and customer-orientation as enterprise"s