• High configuration visor special welder

High configuration visor special welder

I company of the second generation visor high-frequency welding machine, with the international level, is mainly used for the production of export visor. Its main features are: (1) mechanical structure Adopt closed four-post type compressor, the uniform structure, high strength, fundamentally overcome a cantilever type compressor opening microscopic deformation problem. This fully ensure uniform welding surrounding the visor, and every time in the mould need to adjust the level. Second, the hydraulic system pressure can be divided into three stages set the touch screen, you can easily change the time of welding and cutting stress, according to different visor, flexible, fast and precisely set the process parameters. 3, electric control system adopts Siemens PLC and characters of the touch screen, all electrical and hydraulic parameters of digitizing set on the touch screen, the accuracy is very high. Has a fault self-diagnosis function at the same time, equipped with manual and automatic two functions, to facilitate the production and maintenance. High sensitive spark protection system is greatly reduce the possibility of burns mould, can automatically detect kick over time, so that the fundamental flaw spark sensitivity. Automatic display about the information of the whole process. Fourth, high frequency generator Use Toshiba original tube, using the resonant cavity. Power adopts automatic tracking method automatically adjust, set the output power can be divided into three periods, the effect of welding and cutting reach the ideal state. Five, the safety facilities The automatic open and close of high frequency electromagnetic shielding device, high frequency filter, high frequency isolation measures, such as the high frequency electromagnetic field radiation to reach the national standard. Operating plane grating protection, not operation has a glass protection.