• Double Speed Dough Mixer

Double Speed Dough Mixer

Use: Double speed mixer for dough
Model: QH20-240

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Capacity : 20L-240L


double speed and surface machine is my reference to the advanced product development company specializing in the baking industry products. The series and the surface plane of the blender and mixing barrel can be operated simultaneously, using a spiral stirrer, stir the dough bar high, well into the furnace expansion force, reduce production costs, two-speed partner, barrels have positive, easy to operate , freely control the mixing time, simple to use, easy maintenance, is a good assistant bakery for canteens, restaurants and production of dough used.


1 Faces a barrel: high grade stainless steel mixing tank, solid and durable, easy to clean, especially above the mixing tube fitted with a safety net, allowing users more secure in their work.
2 The surface fastener: hook outer diameter of the spiral stirring, stirring speed, stirring tissue without cutting the dough, so that the temperature rising rate of the dough to a minimum, and increases the amount of water absorption, so that the dough fine quality and increase flexibility.
3 Machine body and cover: Humanized operation panel, you can transform any operation, there are timing, according to different needs time to adjust, allowing the mixer to be a good helper for your work, welded chassis with steel bending, body through a special anti-rust treatment, no embroidery technology, using an electrostatic powder coating easy to clean, durable, long life.