• Biomass Fuel Gas Flame in A Restaurant Kitchen

Biomass Fuel Gas Flame in A Restaurant Kitchen

Environment friendly 
Clean energy which is renewable
Good quality and kind price

Product Details

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Place of Origin : Dalian
Material : Stainless Steel
Capacity : 40000Kcal
Fuel consumption : 4kg/h
Brand Name : XinBao
Type : Pellet Stoves
Boiler size : 1000x600x1000 mm


Super flame gas stoves




Multifunctional biomass cooking stove is a well-developed



high-end product by us. This series produced in order to



response to national policy, namely encouraging clean,



efficient development and utilization of biomass, turning



“waste” into wealth. This product can replace traditional oil /



gas stove and backward   household mud stove which being



used in hotels and other industries. It is a multi-purpose



stove, can be used for cooking, boiling, heating, etc. Wok,



steamer, pressure cooker, kettle and other kitchen utensils



can be put on the top of the stove, to meet different needs.