• 2.04inch 172x72 E-Paper

2.04inch 172x72 E-Paper

2.04inch 172x72 E-Paper
Size:2.04 inch
Display Resolution:172(H)x72(V)
Pixel Pitch:0.28x0.28 mm

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2.04inch 172x72 E-Paper 




The display is a TFT active matrix electrophoretic display , with interface and a reference system design. The 2.04" active area contains 172x72 pixels, and has 1-bit and 2-bit full display capabilities. An integrated circuit contains gate buffer, source buffer, interface, timing control logic, oscillator, DC-DC.SRAM. LUT ,VCOM, and border are supplied with each panel.



High contrast
High reflectance
Ultra wide viewing angle
Ultra low power consumption
Pure reflective mode
Commercial temperature range
Landscape, portrait mode
Antiglare hard-coated front-surface
Low current deep sleep mode
On chip display RAM
Waveform stored in On-chip OTP
Serial peripheral interface available
On-chip oscillator
On-chip booster and regulator control for generating VCOM, Gate and source driving voltage .
I2C Signal Master Interface to read external temperature sensor
Available in COG package IC thickness 250um