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BT-2900 Image Particle Size & Shape Analysis System

 BT-2900 dry image particle size and shape analysis system mainly applies to the analysis fields of particle size and particle shape of coarse and granular material.

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Brief introduction 

   BT-2900 dry image particle size and shape analysis system mainly applies to the analysis fields of particle size and particle shape of coarse and granular material. It adopts advanced hardware technology including electromagnetic vibration feeding system, high light LED array light source, imported high speed CCD, little phrase difference telecentric lens, etc. During the process of free falling of particles, shoot particle images which pass the lens randomly. Meanwhile, software quickly recognizes and processes particles, and screen displays images, particle size and particle shape data for each particle in real time. As it adopts high-speed CCD that can reach 100 frame/min, thousands of particles can be shot and processed per minute, and image process software can recognize and extract adhesive particles automatically. These technologies improve analysis speed, precision and accuracy of particle image greatly.


Main specification








Measuring Range

0.03-10 millimeter


Optical Magnification



Repeatability Error



Sample Amount



Accuracy Error



Light Source

High Light LED Array, Light Source


Test Speed

10000 pcs/min


High-speed Camera

Imported, Imaging Speed: 150 frame/second



Original parameters, Analysis Data, Distribution Figure



Particle Size: Particle Size Distribution, Typical Value, etc. Particle Shape: L/D Ratio, Circularity, etc.


Main application

Applies to analyze granular samples between 30 um to 10 mm, such as salt, sugar, plastic products, catalyst, abrasive, carbon products, sand, coal, coffee, refractory, food, polystyrene, glass, ceramics, fertilizer, medicine, ore, etc.

The conditions and fields which BT-2900 is not applicable to:

Fine powders, generally refer to the samples that D50 is less than 30 um, such as metal ore powders, cement etc.

Slurry, paste and strong adhesive granular materials such as ion exchange resin and wet sand.

Products that can physically or chemically react with the air.

Samples which contain particles that particle size is more than 10 millimeter or less than 30 micron.


Good repeatability

Reasons for good repeatability:

Laser, detector and signal transmission system are stable and reliable.

Stable and effective dispersing system.

High-speed sampling system keeps the instrument always in optimum condition.

Sampling rate can reach 3500 times/second, and mass data can effectively reduce the influence of repeatability caused by little abnormal data.



BT-2900 Image Particle Size & Shape Analysis System

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