•  Heavy duty horizontal lathe machine CW61315

Heavy duty horizontal lathe machine CW61315

 Heavy duty horizontal lathe machine can be used for drilling, trepanning and boring operations . Braking and rotating-direction change of spindle is controlled by hydraulic power with sensitive and reliable performances.

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 Technical specification of Heavy duty horizontal lathe machine CW61315
1 Maximum swivel diameter on the bed 3150 mm
2 Maximum turning diameter over carriage 2500 mm
3 Maximum length of workpiece 140 dm 
4 Maximum weight between center 80t 
5 Diameter of faceplate 2600mm
6 Maximum torque of faceplate 160KN.m 
7 Range of spindle speeds 0.5-100 r/min 
8 Maximum cutting force of carriage 90 KN
9 Total cutting force 160 KN
10 Range of feed rates ( long) 0.265-500 mm/min 
11 Range of feed rates(Trans ) 0.106-200 mm/min 
12 Range of feed rates(longitudinal) 0.053-100 mm/min 
13 Rapid speed of of carriage( long) 3000 mm/min 
14 Rapid speed of of carriage( Trans) 1200 mm/min
15 Scale of tool bar section 100×100mm 
16 Power of main motor DC:125KW 
17 Machine weight(Approx) 138 T 
18 Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 2328×894×407cm

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 Hengshui Shengyong Heavy-duty Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd specializes in the manufactures and sells of metalworking machines: vertical turret lathe, vertical lathe (single column and double column ),Heavy duty horizontal lathe machine, Gantry milling machine(Plano Miller), Gantry Planer Milling Machine, Roll turning